I have been adapting my classes to online training and support. Any of my professional acting classes can be adapted for young students, either in schools, as a private tutor, or for home-schooling groups, and I have adapted my teen Shakespeare programs to an online format, too. Scroll down for more details!

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If you're a teacher, school administrator, or parent and you would like to know more, contact me and we can work out the details.


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I have directed over 80 school Shakespeare productions! I will guide your students through the complexities of Shakespeare's plays and explore his treasure trove of literary devices. I will transform their fears into confident curiosity, and show them how his work is relevant, dynamic, and immensely fun!


The goal is to provide students with all the tools they need to understand and command Shakespeare’s text, whether simply reading, reciting, or performing his plays.


I will teach students how Shakespeare’s use of verse forms and his masterful array of literary devices create a melodious text that students can learn to appreciate and use to their advantage during performance.  Exploring iambic pentameter, literary devices, punctuation, and additional textual clues Shakespeare provides through his verse arrangements, these classes will provide a solid foundation from which to be able to understand and speak Shakespeare's text with confidence.




Each class I work with will create a unique timeline of events through Shakespeare's life and times, forming a springboard for stories and vignettes that teen students will delight in. We will explore how events of the day paved the way for Shakespeare to become a force of history, and how those events impact our lives to this day.



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